Python Web Frameworks Overview: Spyce

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OSI approved licence - open source. (See

Deployment Platforms

Operating Systems

Spyce should work on most platforms.


The deployment of applications using CGI is usually permitted in all but the most restrictive hosting environments. The use of mod_python may be more appropriate to in-house deployments or more comprehensive hosting environments.

Development Interfaces

Environment Access

Session, Identification and Authentication

Persistence Support

Presentation Support

Other presentation systems could presumably be used instead, given the ability to use other Python modules in the framework.


Spyce addresses many areas of interest to Web application developers within a widely-known *SP paradigm: sessions, pooled objects, templating, and so on. Some novel features are also supported: automatons, for example, which attempt to encapsulate multi-stage transactions (or "application flows" as the documentation calls them). However, by design, Spyce does not attempt to provide everything - it aims to do dynamic Web content generation well and integrate with other things easily (see Moreover, it can also be used as a standalone processing tool completely outside a Web application environment.