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Since our first experiences with computing was back in the 1980s, it is both nostalgic and interesting to use emulation software to recreate the experience of using old microcomputer platforms (such as the Acorn 6502-based microcomputers) within contemporary computing environments (such as GNU/Linux/XFree86 on Intel).

ElectrEm, EEconfigure and EEFconfigure

Most of our microcomputing experiences involved the Acorn Electron, and one of the most impressive emulators available is ElectrEm. To support the project a little and to facilitate some experimentation with the source code, the EEconfigure and EEFconfigure packages were developed to impose some "GNU standard" build conventions on ElectrEm. In other words, with the appropriate add-on, you can build and install ElectrEm using these frequently used commands:

make install

In practice, some more options are required in the configuration.

Download EEFconfigure (for ElectrEm Future)

Download EEconfigure (for ElectrEm Classic)