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GPL - SkunkWeb is open source (more specifically "free software").

Deployment Platforms

Operating Systems

SkunkWeb only works on UNIX platforms due to the use of "process forking".


The requirement for Web server adapter integration, and then only with Apache, or the running of a standalone server, rules SkunkWeb out for more limited hosting environments. However, where such deployment is possible, the performance should be satisfactory, given that this is clearly a priority of the developers.

Development Interfaces

Environment Access

Session, Identification and Authentication

Persistence Support

Presentation Support

In the documentation, it is noted that other presentation systems could be developed for SkunkWeb.


The SkunkWeb archive package seems to contain documentation, but it exists principally in LaTeX format and does not seem to be built by default. The installation process is somewhat more involved than with other packages, but should be straightforward enough to anyone used to installing GNU autoconf-based packages.

The SkunkWeb developers emphasise performance and give caching, process forking and template precompilation as features which differentiate SkunkWeb from other frameworks and application servers; internationalisation using message catalogues is another feature which other frameworks do not provide or emphasise highly. Unlike many Python-based frameworks, SkunkWeb is licensed under the GPL and this may influence community participation in the enhancement of the framework - it is not appropriate to judge the licence choice in this document, however.