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Old-style Python licence - open source.

Deployment Platforms

Operating Systems

Jonpy should work on most platforms.


The deployment of applications using CGI is usually permitted in all but the most restrictive hosting environments, and with support for session storage in databases or the filesystem included in the framework, this framework is indeed suitable for limited hosting accounts. The option to use FastCGI potentially lets applications take advantage of more generous environments with a corresponding increase in performance.

Development Interfaces

Environment Access

Session, Identification and Authentication

Persistence Support

Presentation Support

Other presentation systems could presumably be used instead, given the ability to use other Python modules in the framework.


Jonpy does not provide a complete Web application environment for the most demanding of developers, but the intention behind the development of the framework is clearly to provide a robust foundation for small applications (or applications in limited environments), with the obvious possibility to use other packages and frameworks in conjunction with this one to address larger or more "ambitious" problems. Moreover, the framework seems to attempt to provide solutions for the most common problem areas in the early phases of Web application development, notably session support and a convenient-but-simple object model.