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Python Projects

Most of my computing activity focuses on Python projects which are documented elsewhere on this site. See the Python pages for details.

Other Projects

Some non-Python projects are also available:

Free Software

Of course, the projects featured on this site are Free Software. This means that both developers and end-users alike have access to the source code, can run the code as they please, can modify the code, and can redistribute the code (modified or unmodified). Moreover, many of the projects on this site are copyleft, meaning that those who redistribute the code must also provide the same rights and benefits that were originally provided with the code - that is, since we permit you to enjoy access, modification and redistribution of the code, we require that you permit those who receive the code from you to also enjoy these benefits. In this way, end-users can enjoy such benefits, even if they are not programmers, since they may still wish people to modify and improve the software on their behalf or make minor changes to the code or bundled data files. Some advocates of "permissive" non-copyleft licences who are hostile to the idea of copyleft like to promote such "permissive" licences as being more "free"; in fact, when those licences excuse developers from having to offer or to distribute their source code to others, saying that the developers are enjoying "real" freedom, they deliberately withhold the same freedoms from recipients of that software. Consequently, it is clear that copyleft licences such as the GNU GPL are really the most effective at spreading the freedom as widely as possible to both programmers and end-users, not treating one as being somehow more privileged than the other.