Current release: UMLconfig 0.1


UMLconfig has been largely subsumed by userinstall, since the User Mode Linux capabilities of UMLconfig are now present in that software in the form of a suite of commands to initialise and manage UML instances.


UMLconfig is a distribution of scripts and configuration files for the initialisation and administration of User Mode Linux virtual machines. These virtual machines run as normal processes in the host operating system and do not require any changes to the operating system kernel or configuration, although it is desirable to set up a special network connection between the host and the "guest" virtual machine, as well as to configure the X server to permit the virtual machines to show their desktop on the host's display.

Currently, due to the software employed to initialise and configure the operating system distributions run in the virtual machines, only distributions based on Debian GNU/Linux are supported.

Copyright and Licence

UMLconfig is licensed under the GPL version 3 (or later).