Current release: WebOrganiser 0.2.7 (requiring RDFCalendar, RDFMessage, sqltriples, XSLTools, WebStack, libxml2dom, CMDsyntax 0.91 and their dependencies)


The EventAggregator extension for the MoinMoin Wiki software is now recommended in preference to WebOrganiser which serves mostly as an experiment in using RDF technologies as a basis for personal information management. It is envisaged that EventAggregator will eventually support all iCalendar-related features of WebOrganiser.


The WebOrganiser distribution contains Web applications (WebCalendar and WebCalendarPortal) which provide access via a Web interface to repositories of calendar, event, to-do item, contact, e-mail message and potentially many other kinds of structured information. Using the RDFCalendar and RDFMessage packages, such information is stored in an RDF data store and can be imported into and exported from the store, and through the WebCalendar WebDAV interface such import/export operations should be as trivial as dragging and dropping files between directories (subject to the use of a WebDAV-capable file manager such as KDE's Konqueror).

Copyright and Licence

The WebOrganiser distribution is licensed under the GPL (version 3 or later).


See the screenshots page for an idea of what the software can look like when running.