Current release: WebStack 1.2.7 (supporting BaseHTTPRequestHandler, CGI, Django, Jython/Java Servlet API, mod_python, Twisted, Webware, WSGI and Zope 2)

Google group: webstack-discuss


WebStack is a package which provides a simple, common API for Python Web applications, allowing such applications to run within many different environments with virtually no changes to application code. An application can be prototyped in a simple environment such as the Python standard library BaseHTTPServer and subsequently be deployed as a CGI script, a Django application, a Java servlet, a mod_python handler, a Twisted application, a Webware application, a WSGI application or as a Zope Product.

Yet unlike many frameworks, WebStack is confined to producing a sane API for Web applications (and higher-level frameworks) instead of offering a complete set of technologies for the development of Web applications that may be inappropriate in certain situations. Thus, WebStack does not impose a specific template system or URL mapping mechanism on applications (amongst many things that different frameworks use to differentiate themselves from each other).

Copyright and Licence

WebStack is licensed under the LGPL (version 2 or later).


Documentation is provided in the README.txt file, and in the docs directory.