Current release: t616hack 0.2.2


The t616hack distribution is a collection of tools and a Python module, derived from Nelson Minar's original work, which provides access to the contact list and phonebook in the Sony Ericsson T610 and T616 mobile telephones (with other models possibly usable but definitely not tested). Since the release of the original work, support has since been added for the retrieval, deletion and writing of text messages, Unicode can now be used with textual parameters in the API, and the module has been improved to permit other communications mechanisms: it is now possible to connect to telephones using either Bluetooth networking or via a serial port (such as COM1 on Windows) or device (such as /dev/rfcomm0 on Linux).

Copyright and Licence

The t616hack distribution is licensed under the LGPL (version 3 or later) (with the exception of one mostly unmodified file which retains the licence of the original work).