Current release: jailtools 0.1 (requiring pprocess and CMDsyntax 0.91)


The jailtools distribution provides a collection of modules which attempt to support the execution of programs within restricted environments, where such environments are established using the chroot system call as provided on various UNIX-like systems. Additional resource limits can also be applied to jailed processes using various modules in the Python standard library. In addition to the jailtools module which provides the core functionality, support for communications between client software and jailed processes is provided by the jailtalk module.


The restricted environment provided by the jailtools distribution has not been verified as being completely secure. It is well known that the chroot system call has various flaws which may permit processes to circumvent restrictions on filesystem access. As is stated in the licensing conditions of this software, no guarantees are made as to the suitability or behaviour of the software: it is merely a convenient wrapper around chroot functionality which may or may not provide useful isolation of jailed processes from the rest of your system, even though the motivation was to seek such isolation for such processes. Use this software at your own risk!

Copyright and Licence

The jailtools distribution is licensed under the LGPL. See the COPYING.txt and LICENCE.txt files in the docs directory in the distribution.