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Updated: 2008-07-13


The Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) project allows filing systems to be implemented as normal processes on Linux. Python bindings for the FUSE project make it possible for filing systems to be implemented quickly and conveniently, taking advantage of Python's high level language features.

This page describes various filing systems that have been implemented in Python. I hope to add more of these as I experiment with writing filing systems with FUSE.


The fuse_adfs module uses FUSE to present the contents of ADFS floppy disc images as a mountable filesystem on Linux, relying on the ADFSlib module for its image reading facilities.

With this filesystem, disc images can be mounted in the same way as floppy discs and CDROMs, and navigated at the command line or with a file manager. The filesystem translates ADFS-style filenames to Unix-friendly ones and adds suffixes to filenames to help applications recognize certain types of files.

This utility requires both FUSE and the Python bindings package for FUSE.


The fuse_adfs utility and the ADFSlib module are packaged together in the this archive.