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Updated: 2011-07-10

Note: This project is now being hosted as a project at BitBucket.
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File sharing under RISC OS is fairly well supported by a number of clients and servers for various protocols. Many of these are used on mixed machine networks where interoperability between different operating systems requires that a commonly supported protocol is used. However, on networks which have traditionally been composed of Acorn computers using the ShareFS filing system and Access+ sharing application, the introduction of workstations running other operating systems typically requires a change to the methods used to share files.

This package aims to ensure that a degree of uniformity remains by giving RISC OS machines, running Access "on top of" an Internet Protocol stack, access to files residing on workstations able to execute threaded Python applications.

Available resources

The access module

This module currently provides all the functionality of the AccessPlusPython package. It is a snapshot of an experimental attempt to present the contents of directories on a Linux workstation to an Acorn client machine, running the Access peer-to-peer sharing system on top of an Internet Protocol stack. Due to the limited testing environment available, a number of assumptions may have been made in its development which may cause it to fail on any workstation other than the one on which it was developed. Caution should be exercised in running the application; in particular, you should not use it unless:


Warning: This is a work in progress. Familiarity with the debugging process for threaded Python applications is an advantage.