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Updated: 2010-10-24

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The Micro Power game "Moon Raider" is a sideways-scrolling arcade game similar to the arcade classic "Scramble" and was released for both the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron computers. In the Electron version there are six consecutive levels, but the player can skip up to the first four. There is a refuelling stage between each level. Despite having the standard challenges for "Scramble" type games, the description of the levels is surprisingly flexible. Using an appropriate utility, longer levels than the original can be designed, and enemies can be introduced to levels other than those in which they usually appear. For instance, fireballs may be introduced outside level three.

The MoonMap utility

This program allows you to convert between the levels built in to a copy of Moon Raider and a textual description which can be edited more easily. In order to run it, you need to obtain a Python interpreter for your computer platform. Look at for information regarding installation and usage of Python.


A modified level Complex structures
A modified level Complex structures


Download the archive: Version 0.20 (2010-10-24)